Who are you?

We are 'Golf Property Store' - a Property Sales company specialising in the Polarisworld Golf Resorts in Murcia, Spain. We are a registered, legal, fully insured S.L. company here in Spain (similar to a Ltd company in the UK), with a commercial premises in the Town Centre of La Torre Golf Resort. As well as the Polarisworld Resorts, we also deal with the Resorts in the surrounding areas, as well as the very best Coastal property. We have access to a wide selection of Bank-owned property, as well as the very best prices from Developers and individual owners (resales).


How long have you been operating in Spain?

We have a combined selling experience of over 20 years in this region. We are experts at every level of buying property here in Spain.


I see there are quite a few agents selling in the area you operate in - why should we use you to view properties of interest?

Quite simply, we are based locally here in Murcia, and have the knowledge and expertise to find your dream property. We are not sitting in an office in the UK or elsewhere using lone self-employed people in Spain. You will get a completely personal service from beginning to end, and will never be passed to a third fee-paying party or 'left on your own' to do anything regarding your purchase here in Spain.


Will you collect us from the airport?

Yes - we will collect from the Airport of Murcia - as stated - you get a personal service from beginning to end!


We do not know the area very well - can you help with accomodation in the area?

Yes - we will advise the best local hotels to stay in and even help with the cost in the event of a purchase - please see our 'Inspection Trips' section. We will always collect and drop you to your local hotel.


Will we be viewing with other people?

No - all of our viewings are done on a one-to-one basis ensuring you get the information that you require, and view properties that are suited to you and nobody else!


I see other companies do occassionally offer free hotels - why don't you?

We are a family-run company that specialise in finding you the right property. We can offer corporate rates at local hotels starting from as low as 25 euros per room per night! We do not offer 'free' hotel rooms or heavily-subsidised trips (which require high-pressure sales!) - you will never experience a 'hard-sell' with us or feel under any pressure to buy.


Will I be pressurised into buying a property if I view with you - I have heard this happens?

As stated above - ourr tours are extremely laid back and informative. You will never feel pressured into buying a property whilst viewing with us. We pride ourselves on this. Our job is to find you the property - the rest is up to you!

Is your website kept up to date with availability?

Absolutely - we update our site frequently. Once a property is sold, it is removed. We also add any new property as soon as possible.


If I find a property what happens next?

You will receive a full aftersales service completely free of charge. This includes personally taking you to apply for your NIE number (similar to a National Insurance number, required to purchase a property in Spain), a local fully qualified independent solicitor, a local  bank to open an account and to apply for a mortgage if neccesary, and even local furniture stores if required! You are never left on your own to do anything and we even get your utility supplies switched on in your absence. No other company can offer this service!


I'm still quite nervous - any suggestions?

Why not talk to one of our recent purchasers? We can provide you with a few recent buyers' details (with their permission of course), and you can discuss their experience of buying through us. We stay in touch with most of our clients on a regular basis!